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Hello and welcome to Determine Baby Sex! Here you will find advice and tips on how to get pregnant and more importantly how to get pregnant with the gender of your choice. The techniques you will learn are purely natural, fun and risk free. If you have too many boys or too many girls or two or three boys or girls in a row, perhaps now is the time for you to look deeper and find ways to change that. You need to see the root cause. Here also you will get tips and advice on how to plan for baby twins. You may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thank you for visiting & happy reading!

There are number of organic ways that could enhance the odds if you are searching for methods on how to have a boy. Nowadays a …» Continue Reading: Gender Selection – How To Have A Boy

postheadericon How To Have A Baby Boy – Natural and risk free

If you are looking for ways on how to have a baby boy, this article will guide and teach you the natural ways to conceive a boy without having to spend a dime. I know many mothers out there are desperately looking for a baby boy but cannot afford to spend so much money to an expensive clinic.

postheadericon How to use Menstrual Cycle to influence Baby Gender

Did you know that you can influence your baby gender with your menstrual cycle? When you have sex at the right time depending on your menstrual cycle, you can choose to have either boy or girl. So, if you have a plan to pick your upcoming baby gender, you should learn this technique since it is natural and risk free.

postheadericon How To Get Pregnant With A Boy – 3 important factors

I believe you are landing into this page because you are looking for an information on how to get pregnant with a boy. Let me tell you that you have landed at the right place. It is indeed possible to choose the gender of your choice but you must know what you are doing, or else you are not going anywhere. Let’s discover more on this topic.

postheadericon How To Have A Baby Girl with Menstrual Cycle?

Is not it great if you can get pregnant and at the same time get pregnant with the gender of your choice? There are few ways you can choose your preferred baby gender but today I want to discuss about how to have a baby girl with menstrual cycle. Yes, your menstrual cycle has great influence in determining your baby gender.

postheadericon Top five Baby Gender Prediction methods

Interested to know the gender of your unborn baby? There are many methods but of course no one can guarantee the result. The only person that can give an accurate answer is your doctor but you have to wait for six months. Below is the top five baby gender prediction for you to try out. Have fun!

postheadericon Natural Baby Gender Selection Method – Boy Or Girl

Having an ability and freedom to pick your own baby gender, either a boy or girl naturally is something that many couples are not aware of. Many believe that a baby gender cannot be determined by natural method.

postheadericon Trying to Conceive A Boy Diet

If you are trying to conceive a boy, it is advisable that your body must be alkaline and start taking high calorie diet at least three months before pregnancy and during early pregnancy. According to a research by the British researchers led by Dr. Fiona Mathews at the University Exeter, 56 percent women consumed high calorie diet produced sons. Only 46 percent women managed to produce sons when they consumed less high calorie diet.